3 Card Poker Strategy

3 card poker’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is played at a much faster rate than that to which most players are probably accustomed. Effective strategy should consist of going to the basics and getting results quickly. Moreover, it must be remembered that in 3 card poker, you do not play against other bettors but against the dealer. A strategy that will work for Texas hold'em or Omaha probably will not work for 3 card poker. The following article will guide you to one or more winning methods whose efficiency have already been proven.

Strategic Options

There are many steps you must achieve before you can develop a strategy for a sustainable and an effective game. First of all , you must focus on finding queens or any other hierarchically superior card. Do not hesitate to go to lay down when your hand is lower than Q-6-4 for example. For one reason or another, a figure in your game will facilitate it significantly . In addition, it is advisable to use the three strategic methods explained below.

  • Never playing below Q-6-4
  • Using a martingale or rising
  • Endeavouring to master the probabilities

Configuration 1 : Never playing below Q-6-4

As discussed above, the most famous 3 Card Poker strategy involves playing cards with a value greater than or equal to Q-6-4. This hand will allow you to save on expenses related to the purchase of chips if used at the right time. This basic strategy is also the ideal way to reduce the house advantage, since Q-6-4 increases your chances of success.

Configuration 2 : Using a martingale or rising

During an unfavourable game, you may also use a rise, an effective means of regaining lost money rapidly. By doubling the amount of your bid after a losing draw, your chances showing a positive -or at least neutral balance, double. Also consider the fact that: the chances of hitting an higher hand than the dealer are more or less 49%. Therefore, mathematically speaking, increasing your bet occasionally is always be a great way to make a profit, constantly placing the same amount brings no guarantee of success .

Configuration 3: Endeavouring to master the probabilities

On a winning pair, the house advantage is 2%. Hence you yield 2% of your bet in the event of a winning draw. In 3 card poker, the casino takes its commission as soon as you win. Also, ensure you have an adequate playing budget. In addition, be sure to understand and know the probabilities. With a Kind, you will probably take less than a Straight or a Flush. But online casinos do not all follow the same rules which may vary from one institution to another. Also, for more chances of success, be sure to check the paytable regularly.