Baccarat Strategy

It’s not always obvious to propose a strategy for a game of pure chance such as Baccarat. It’s also difficult to define a tactical method since no specific skill is needed to excel in Baccarat. We play this game throughout a series of different rounds. From six to eight decks of cards are arranged at random on the table. Therefore, you cannot really predict what the next card to be drawn will be, even if you count them down one by one. Also, you can predict the gain will be the same no matter what card you draw. Even though some Baccarat players claim to know the best strategies for this game, you should not rely on these rumors: most of the time they come from authors who don’t know anything about online gaming and who are desperately trying to increase their income by selling poor content.

Online casinos generally offer a table that displays all the cards that were drawn from the beginning of the game. This is very convenient since the player doesn’t lose time in a boring attempt to remember what cards have already been drawn. In other casinos, you can use a pen and paper to help you remember which cards have already been drawn.

In Baccarat, the hands are all separated from one another. In order to win, having a slight amount of common sense is sufficient. Also know that the House always has the advantage over the players. For instance, if the House has won the last eight rounds, you can be sure that you’ll lose again and again. Of course we are only making assumptions here as it is difficult to establish this as a fact. Indeed, there is still a 50 percent chance that the Banker will prevail over the other players but you could win in 50 percent of cases. The cards displayed at the tables are convenient but not as useful as you might think: don’t expect any miracles! Just stay focused.

Counting cards is useless and it can even cause trouble with the casino’s managers. All the movies that feature gambling portray this: casinos take counting cards very seriously and they don’t tolerate it by any means. Of course, you can use these gimmicks online, but don’t try that in real gaming institutions. Blackjack, for example, is an excellent game for those who like to count cards. But very often, people naively think that such a method is applicable in Baccarat. Big mistake! In Baccarat, you can place three bets per round and have the option to shift from one strategy to another whenever you want. In other words, counting cards is really unnecessary and you could get sanctioned just for that.

Other players opt for the mathematical approach. This works well with Baccarat and Roulette. Using such a tactical model, both the Banker and the players have a 50 percent chance to end up victorious. Some 1-3-2-6 sets are often recurrent. Martingales represent other possible solutions: they consist in doubling your initial bet every time you lose. This way, you have a better chance to make it up and win your cash back. But on the other hand, losing twice might get you crashed during the game.

These mathematical systems work well, but only in the short term. Casino games like Baccarat present some earning limits. But always remember that even if you lose money, you will have the opportunity to catch up throughout the course of the game. You can beat the odds.

Or you can also create your own strategy! No matter what happen, don’t forget that the most important thing is to enjoy the game. In fact, this is the main you play in online casinos, isn’t it?

Thinking about Baccarat in terms of numbers

  • The House’s advantage is favorable to the players. The House has an advantage of 1.4% on each equal initial bet. However the House takes a commission of 5% on each bet resulting from a player’s loss. This means that payments are 0.95 to 1.
  • The winning chances of a player's hand are slightly lower than the Bank’s. The players’ hands will win in 44.62% of cases. On the other hand, players may lose in 45.85% of cases.
  • The probability of a tie in Baccarat is 9.53%. Payment is 8 to 1, but the House has a huge advantage over these bets (14.4%). Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on a tie because of its lack of profitability.


If we take into account tie situations, the Banker's hand will win the game approximately 51% of the time. It’s actually almost like playing heads or tails. Chances are slightly in your favor though. But remember -- you can win at Baccarat only if you make wise decisions.

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