Different payment options


Neteller, a new option of online services when it comes to banking and joining a limited number of NZ casinos online. Using Neteller will not only have you betting quicker but here you will learn all about the bank wire perks provided by this ... » Read more


Use of a VISA credit card is considered the standard payment solution by online casino players. VISA is a useful and quick method to start leveraging your transactions on the Internet. VISA is a payment method that is authorized by almost all online ... » Read more


Like its competitor, VISA, MasterCard is the most effective way to make payments online, even in spite of the wide variety of transfer options available today. When using a MasterCard credit card, deposits and withdrawals are automatic and ... » Read more


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It is the duty of every online casino to guarantee a safe and reliable payment service which offers maximum protection for its users. Among the large number of methods available, Click2Pay stands out as one of the best. It is an Internet payment ... » Read more

Bank Transfer

Wire transfer is a payment method that enjoys an excellent reputation as it represents one of the first payment solutions offered by modern banks and beyond the scope of physical operations. Indeed, a wire transfer (or bank transfer) uses an ... » Read more


EcoCard is one of the most reliable payment services when it comes to online transactions. EcoCard is actually a virtual prepaid debit card, similar to NETeller. It provides maximum convenience and protection to its users. EcoCard can often be more ... » Read more

Ticket Premium

Conceived by the company Ticket Surf, Ticket Premium is a very modern payment solution of French origin. Indeed, Ticket Surf is the first French company to have acquired the right to issue electronic money. Since 2009, the expansion of transactions ... » Read more


An excellent online payment service, Ukash is the property of Smart Voucher Ltd., a company located in the United Kingdom. Approved by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), Ukash can make electronic payments within at least twenty different ... » Read more


Paysafecard; fast, simple to use and secure, hitting the key points we all want from modern day banking. A gift to those wishing to spend NZD in online casinos. The gift cards are payment methods being used in a number of ways and our Paysafecard ... » Read more


Available since 2000, ClickandBuy is an appealing and trustworthy online payment solution. Chosen by thousands of online merchants in Europe and elsewhere, ClickandBuy offers a fast and secure money transfer service, especially for online casino ... » Read more


EntroPay, just one in a handful of new wave banking options and virtual visa card methods. EntroPay virtual visa, like other mainstream visa cards is now accepted by online casinos and this, our guide, will put the views in place to help you learn ... » Read more


Maestro is an international debit card that was crafted as a joint venture between MasterCard and Europay International. The Maestro card provides access to funds in a highly secure bank account that allows its user to perform financial transactions ... » Read more

Visa Electron

The Visa Electron card is a credit / debit part of the Visa network. The only distinction that can be drawn between these two cards is that the former has some restrictions compared to the second. For example, the Visa Electron card can't be used if ... » Read more

Reversible Withdrawal

Reversible withdrawal is part of the payment methods used by some online casino players. It's little known, however it has some advantages that are good to know. Indeed, reversible withdrawal can instantly cancel an instant deposit or a withdrawal ... » Read more


As one of the last few means of such payment, the check is a written document. This is a traditional method of transferring money since its user must take a pen and write by hand the amount of money he wishes to pay. The check, issued by your bank ... » Read more


PayPal enjoys an unparalleled reputation throughout the world. This electronic payment service is renowned for its reliability, speed, ease of use and ingenuity. PayPal has over 10 million customers in five continents. To use this service, simply ... » Read more


Bitcoin is a new innovative means which makes it possible to exchange money in a different manner from that employed by traditional banks. It is however necessary to exercise the same amount of caution employed when dealing with traditional venues ... » Read more


When the founder of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto launched the world’s primary cryptocurrency in 2009, he could not imagine that a modified version of its creation would emerge. Two years after bitecoin was announced, litecoin- which is nicknamed the ... » Read more

To allow everyone to play faster and make more reliable deposits and withdrawals from each client, online gaming sites have implemented a wide range of payment methods. These methods are secure, guaranteed, these methods are designed to facilitate financial transactions taking place between players and game sites, in both directions.

Credit cards

All the casinos should accept this form of payment. Standard credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are allowed everywhere. Other means of local payments like American Express or Maestro - which are nevertheless accepted in various institutions around the world, represent a reliable way to conduct financial transactions. However, if the site on which you play is not legal, using a credit card could be problematic: for buying credits or tokens because it's possible that credit card companies will refuse payment. This method is only reliable if you use it to make a purchase from a safe and secure merchant.


Electronic wallets are definitely the easiest way to make your payments online. An electronic wallet, commonly called "e-wallet" is actually an online bank account with which the client can perform any type of money transactions (withdrawal, deposit, transfer, history). There are many advantages to using this method rather than another because it is precisely adapted to expenses related to the game and it’s easy to see the state of your account, the costs and fees incurred and the part that's left to the player. Online casinos are working with almost all of the most famous electronic portfolios that are considered as reliable as real banking institutions. Companies like NETeller and Moneybookers have quickly made a name in the online gaming market.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are a fairly common option for the player to make a money transfer from his account to the online casino. It is probably the most secure payment solution but it's not without cost (management fees, VAT in most countries). So, it's not surprising that most online casinos offer only bank transfers as a means of withdrawing money.

Electronic checks

This method is the most recent but it’s little used in comparison with the others. This is a form of bank transfer operating as an electronic check, or "e-check". This check is completed online and sent directly to the online casino in question. This method has the advantage of being the fastest of all. It is particularly popular with American and Canadian players and this form of payment is trying to become uniform in Europe. To make an eCheck, you just need to have a checking account and Internet access.