The different types of casino bonuses!

One of the first things to consider when you move to an online casino is the value of the bonus offered by the operator. The bonus should indeed be among your major selection criteria. A dependable bonus is one that will be to your advantage, not that of the online casino. It should be collectible on short notice, even if it is cumulative. It should be put forward in multiple currencies. Remember that like any company, an online casino is a real enterprise that should welcome its customers with goodwill gestures that are not only practical but also attractive.

Different bonus categories

You should first of all know that online casinos are distinguished by different families. Some are offered only upon registration; others are more casual, and still others more regular. It is important to keep in mind the different nature of promotions being offered in order to maximize your chances and to make good decisions before playing. These bonuses represent significant sources of profit.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus, is the most common of the promotions offered by online casinos. This casino bonus is usually the most attractive of all, as it is aimed at enticing the player to join the room of the operator who is promoting it. This bonus is offered in the form of a percentage, applied to an initial deposit made by the client. If the player makes a deposit of €20 Euros and has a 50 percent bonus, for example, he or she will win €10 free.

Loyalty Bonus

A promotional gesture par excellence, the loyalty bonus is designed to reward players for both their regular and long-term patronage. In general, online casinos offer this casino bonus through a service that they put specially in place: a VIP Club. Users who have played at one and the same establishment for an extended period can mingle in this type of privileged club. This will for them be an opportunity to receive prizes, gifts and even supplementary sums.

Bonus on alternative payment method

The casinos offer you this bonus if you opt for one of the payment methods they recommend. As the use of credit cards is becoming increasingly outmoded, these methods emphasize electronic wallet services, a dependable, fast and transparent solution. NETeller and Moneybookers are the best known among them. This casino bonus is usually offered up to a maximum of 10 percent.

Daily, weekly and monthly casino bonus

Many casinos also offer bonuses based on a time period. Each day, week or month the player has the opportunity to participate in a tournament, challenge or draw by lot that permits him or her to win a sum of money or tickets of admission to prestigious competitions. Often these bonuses also allow playing for free certain casino games such as slot machines or Video Poker.

No deposit bonus

This last bonus avoids wasting the money of the player, who no longer needs to make a deposit in order to play. Thus, in theory this casino bonus implies that the user receives free money. The bonus is offered in relatively small amounts, however. The bonus can also be formed of free spins deposit, though minimal, the user gets to experience the casino without having to fully commit, but should they wish to they can remain playing from any wins they pick up the no deposit casino bonus.