30 ball bingo

30 ball bingo is one of the latest versions of the game. It is also known Speed Bingo due to the fact that the game is played very rapidly. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is the variation which provides the greatest probability of winning due to the limited number of balls involved – only 30 as opposed to a possible 75 or even 90 for certain variants.

Game Basics

Speed Bingo involves a map or grid in a 3x3 format i.e. possessing nine boxes which can be ticked by the player. In keeping with its name, the coordinator will draw exactly 30 numbers during the game. 30 Ball Bingo is faster and more rhythmic than other variants of the game. Less than 5 minutes are sufficient to enjoy an online session. This variation of Bingo provides the greatest probability of winning: 9 out of 30, leaving room for close predictions.

Playing the game

  • At the beginning of the game, each player is provided with a number of required grids and places their initial bets.
  • The coordinator declares the start of the game and makes a draw.
  • When the coordinator pulls a ball, they announce the number on it. In online bingo rooms, the draw is automatic and it is the computer which is responsible for checking the numbers on players’ grids.
  • When the player is able to check all the numbers on the grid they achieve what is known as a "Full House". They are declared the winner and receive the preliminary jackpot.

Outcome of the game

In Bingo, the outcome of the game is always the same. The player who succeeds in filling all their grid first, wins the jackpot. However, this does not always happen and players can win money by simply filling out a series of rows or columns.

Other features

30 ball bingo is currently enjoying an unprecedented popularity. However, the diversity of themes, grids, and suggested models is less than for other variants. Some operators of online games who provide Speed Bingo, however, should provide new options for you to experience maximum levels of entertainment. Other than that, your computer is all you need to rely on when playing online bingo. The boxes are instantly checked by the software of the virtual gaming room at which you are registered. You also have the option to enable a feature that will allow you to manually check the boxes if you wish to do so. Coming up next: the rules of another variant of Bingo!