Bingo Glossary

Looking for a complete dictionary which sums up all the terms related to bingo? You just knocked at the right door because today The Casino is very proud to offer you its lexicon of bingo!


Known as the “announcer” in French, the caller is the individual responsible for the drawing of numbers.

Chat Room

The Chat Room is a webpage on which a player can interact with other players during a game.


Respective denominations for filling a specific part of the grid. They need to be covered for the part to be won.

Early Bird Game

A scheduled game. This option can be used to begin a scheduled game at any time of a player’s choosing.

Fire Ball

A system which is similar to progressive jackpot. A winning sum is fixed at the outset, increasing as players pay enrolment fees. The player who wins a game when the “Fire Ball “has been drawn wins the jackpot.

Game Board

A consultation board for cards, grids and themes which are available in a playing room.

Game Room

A term relating to the distribution of players in specific groups. Each group is thus a "Game Room".

Hot Ball

This is the first number drawn during the first part of the evening. This number is therefore wagered upon. When the player has wagered on this number and completes a draw in the game, they have an opportunity to win an additional prize. The "Hot Ball" works like the “Fire Ball" its value increases progressively in the event of a draw failing to be made.


The prize wagered on. It is often an impressive sum.

Money Ball

The "Money Ball" is a variant of "Fire Ball" and "Hot Ball". When a bet is placed on the number of the ball, the player wins a special prize when it is drawn.

On-The-Way Bingo

The term "On-The-Way" refers to a Bingo game which includes several models of various games. Hence it is possible to fill a row, column, or areas of specific numbers. Once the player completes one of these areas, they win a prize. However, the game does not stop once a player has completed their entire first grid.

Pattern Bingo

Pattern Bingo refers to "On-the-Way." model grids there are several forms and themes for each grid on which it is possible to fill vertical lines, horizontal, diagonal etc.

Rainbow Pack

This is a set of bingo grid formats and colors which make it possible for the player to participate in several parts and win a significant number of prizes.

Super Jackpot

More important than the standard jackpot jackpot. The player must win in less than 48 numbers drawn. The jackpot grows each day until a player wins it.

Wild Numbers

When the first issue with a specific endpoint is taken (eg H38), all other numbers with the same ending (G28, A18, E58 etc.) are called "Wild Numbers."