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Casino Cryptocurrencies: The New Money Revolution is Winning Online

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Recently the Bitcoin has been making small news article waves, hardly enough to make headline news but enough to stir a little gossip. The Cryptocurrency is in ascendance and will in the coming months put those working for the state and government in their place as they hope of the failure the Bitcoin surges and is soon to surpass the $20,000 mark in January which is 500% increase from its original value, therefore as it will do, should this rise continue, the Bitcoin will become the world’s most valuable currency. How the bankers would look on with envious eyes, knowing they have zero power over the control of how the coin works.

Making the Currency work for Members and Casinos

If there was any key indication of money trends it’s from casinos. This is what they are all about and the state of any new emerging currency is watched with eagle eyed precision. With this and the feeling the cryptocurrency is going to do well, casinos around America and Europe are beginning to allow the use of these currency to bet with. Right now there are casinos encouraging the spend of the Bitcoin offering welcome bonuses for those that use the coin to sign up, offering up to 500% cash bonus rewards for doing so.

" Come March the Bitcoin could and most likely WILL become the most valuable currency on the market across the entire globe. "

The furture is Binary so throw that savings jar away

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The success of the cryptocurrency down the line and in years to come could lead the casinos around the world to devise their own coin for people to win and bet with. Now let’s look at the possibility of impact.

Right now there are 300,000 poker fans playing online as you read this, this is a small fraction of the 50,000,000 that are actually signed up to casinos online that tailor for poker alone! All of this is then backed by the 1 Billion balance the industry holds, for example, should someone will a few million from a single game. How take these figures and imagine it’s all traded with a cryptocurrency. The financial market is changed forever. The digital coin has now surpassed the numbers of small nations. Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency available there are over 1300 such as Ethereu, Ripple, Litecoin and IOTA. Now we are a long way off but the signs are there to take note of and the casinos are already ahead of the game. Next it will be online retailers, Amazon will join the trend and soon supermarkets. The binary numbers are going to replace every solid form of currency in the future.

There is currently only one casino open to New Zealand that allows Bitcoin currency so if you have Bitcoins you can pay The Mandarin Palace a visit and turn that binary into hard cash with the inclusion of their NZD$2500 Welcome Bonus.

Learn more about Bitcoin in the video below