Casino War Glossary

Let’s make war! Let’s give battle! Before you do though, you will need to learn and understand all the terms affiliated with the vocabulary of Casino War. You are lucky because our expert team has made a special lexicon that you can use for free!

Bank roll

Known as balance in English. These are the funds available to the player to wager in Casino War


Shuffling the cards between games.


The dealer who is often a casino employee in Casino War.

Open face card

A card which is visible to all players.

Closed face card

A card which is not visible to any player.


Corsican Battle is one of the most important versions of Battle.


Cards belonging to a family. They may be red or black, or marked with Hearts, Spades, Clubs or Diamonds.


Removing some cards from the top of the pack to place them beneath the lowest.


Known as sabot (hoof) or pile (battery) in French. The set of 52 cards used in the game.


The location of the cards abandoned by players during a game


The period during which the cards are dealt by the dealer.


Every Casino War game includes two Jokers, which are distributed early in the game when only two players are playing against each other. There is variant of Battle which involve players attempting to steal the Joker of their opponents.


The action referred to when a player removes a card from his hand and lays it down to expose it to other players.


Also known as pile. It refers to all of the player's cards.


In Casino War, the player must place a bet early in the game.


Open Battle is a variant that allows the player to choose the card he wants to play himself by comparing all those he holds in his hand.


Paying Battle is a variant that allows aces to be passed from one hand to another.


In Casino War, the player has the possibility to opt for bets through which he predicts what cards will be drawn. If his predictions are accurate, he wins an additional fee.


The stack of non-distributed cards which has been set aside. In the traditional version, players can dig into that pile.


The set of cards that have been used up during the game.