Casino War Strategy


Casino War is probably the easiest card game to learn. After all when we were kids, just a few minutes were needed to understand the rules of the game and teach our friends. Like Battle, Casino War only requires 52 cards and two players. It is perfect for killing time in the summer. Those of you who are concerned about sunburn will enjoy the opportunity to play this game from your desktops! The following article is for all types of players who wish to improve at Casino War in the long term.

Strategic Options

One of the difficulties in Casino War managing is betting annexes. Indeed, there are versions of Casino War which involve betting on the fact that your first card will be the same as the dealer’s. This bet is so effective that you will receive 10 times the amount wagered: hence it is very profitable! However, the house advantage on this bet is greater than 18.5%. Only sic bo, keno and a few slot machines are worse. Also, it is advisable to avoid betting annexes unless you are really willing to take risks. Otherwise, you can always trust in these strategies, provided and discussed in detail below.

  • Understanding what is at stake
  • Knowing what to do in the event of equality
  • Avoiding betting annexes

Configuration 1: Understanding what is at stake

It is often said that simple strategies are best for simple games. This holds especially true for Casino War. Nevertheless, the house advantage of 2.88% applied to this game compared to the majority easy bets forces many players to be interested in more sophisticated games with lower casino advantages. Casino War payments are not substantial and your winnings do not include significant sums . Hence you might want to go your way and try your luck at a more affordable game unless you are a devoted fan.

Configuration 2: Knowing what to do in the event of equality

One of the obstacles players face is equality. In such a situation, they have to consider quitting or challenging the dealer. Mathematically, challenging the dealer is the honourable and logical choice. In fact, if you quit, you still lose half your bet. But by challenging the dealer, you risk losing everything. However accepting the loss of half of the bet is frustrating, especially when you know that you can double your winnings by winning against the dealer.

Configuration 3: Avoiding betting annexes

In Casino War it is possible to win up to ten times the amount of your bet with some betting annexes. However, you should not fall into this trap. The aim of betting annexes is to drain you of cash, not make you win. The casino charges a commission of around 18.65% of your winnings when you win. equality only occurs once for every 65 hands played. Statistically speaking, you will lose hours waiting for this configuration, and also a lot of money.