Craps Strategy

Some books declare that they can teach you everything about Craps strategies. But, that is nonsense of course. At Craps, the only way to win is to stay focused on betting in a coherent way. However, getting back into the heart of the matter, it is necessary to recall a few important aspects of the game.

People may say the contrary but the rules of Craps are complicated all the same. Even if some instruction manuals are displayed in some online casinos, rules can often lead to confusion. For instance, players must always make sure that the dice stay within the game area. Marking points is a mandatory step if players want to keep on playing. Said like this, it all seems very simple. And yet it is still significant to know the points’ hierarchical order. The best way to score points is to get 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10. Once you've drawn these numbers, you can place other bets depending on the situation. Moreover a point obtained before the draw of a 7 wins over, but it is not the case if the 7 was thrown before. As you can see, Craps is made up of lots of small rules that are important to master. Beginners are used to losing at Craps merely because they are not aware of these small rules.

If you are not completely comfortable with the rules you can try free Craps games on our website. Go ahead and try playing for free in order to get rid of any pressure. Once you get a grip on the game then you will have the ability to bet real money. You have probably had chances to quietly study Craps rules outside a casino’s context. This will help you to better understand bets and winnings’ systems. In addition, you can refine your own strategy.

The notions of probability and chance will give you a clear idea about your winning opportunities. For example, by following the initial bet you can certainly win a great deal of money. Conversely, there is little chance that you will win by betting on one unique number. Betting on a single dice implies that you expect a specific combination to come up. Here again, may lady luck be on your side at the right moment.

Craps is a game of chance. You may lose all your money in a short period of time especially if you are not paying enough attention to the way you are used to betting and not managing your money adequately. It is therefore useless to increase the sum of your initial bet even though you are willing to retrieve the money you previously lost. It’s better to keep on betting the same amount each time. Chance can be in your favor or not during a game of Craps. Also, the House always enjoys a 5 percent advantage. If you earn money, be aware that the dealer has the right to remove 5 percent of your final earnings. The interest in playing Craps is just fun. Losing a bit of money won’t be such a big deal.

It is recommended not to spend more than 1/20 of your maximum bankroll per bet. But if you want to minimize your risk of financial loss, you can go up to 1/50 of your bankroll. Also, this gives you an extra chance to win, even if you started the game wrong. Betting like this a good way to prevent your bankroll from going down too early.

During the game, you must carefully choose your bets and target the areas where the House’s advantage is lower. The “Do not pass” bet is the one giving the players the best winning opportunities. The House’s advantage is only of about 1.36% in accordance with the “Do not pass” bet.

The most obvious though less discussed strategy is to play quietly! This applies to all games and more importantly when your money is at stake. Playing under pressure leads to mistakes and therefore to the decrease of your winnings.

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