Keno Glossary

You simply cannot play online keno properly or even expect to win big without a keno glossary. Below we have summarized all the most important terms you are likely to come across during your journey in web casinos. Use this tool whenever you feel you need to.

All or Nothing

In French “Tout ou Rien.” Refers to a ticket on which all the numbers selected by the player have hit (or, conversely, have not).

House Advantage

This is the rate or percentage the casino awards itself following each bet executed by the player. This percentage varies depending on the casino game. In Keno, the “house advantage” is around two percent.


A bet on two numbers selected at the same time.


A “catch” or “prise” refers to a correct draw on one of the numbers chosen by the player.


Parallel to the first, the “catch-all” is a perfect “prise,” since it means that all the numbers bet on by the player have been drawn by lot (have “hit”).

Edge Ticket

This is one of the tickets bearing all the numbers situated on the outer edges. The player therefore bets on the drawing of those numbers.


This is the paper form used to check off the numbers selected in Keno.

High End Ticket

This is another Keno ticket that pays more than the “edge ticket” because it designates a higher number of spots. In reality, the number of selectable numbers is more or less variable.

High Roller Ticket

This is another Keno ticket which this time has a lower price.


Synonymous with “catch” or “prise.”


The “jackpot” is the total amount put into play during the game.


“Keno” is the modern version of an old lottery game originating in ancient China. The goal is to effectively predict the numbers that will be drawn by lot with the help of a grid.

King Ticket

A ticket that includes one or more “kings.”


This is the total amount put into play by the player during a game.


Or “catch-zero.” It means a situation in which none of the numbers selected by the player has hit (been drawn).

Enhanced Payout

Refers to an “enhanced” payout percentage received by the player when he or she bets on a combination of numbers using only a single ticket.

Free Game

In Keno, it is sometimes possible to play without betting money by means of “free games.”


Or “course” in French. It refers to a single game of Keno. The term “race” derives from the original name of Keno, which at the time was called “Race Horse Keno.”


A specific bet made on a single number.

Payoff Schedule

A schedule displayed in both land-based and virtual casinos that shows the various payoffs corresponding to the playable bets.

Combination ticket

A single ticket on which several bets are placed.

Left-Right Ticket

This is a ticket that is split into two vertical parts. The objective is to select only the numbers on one half of the ticket (either on the right side or left side).

Multi-Game Ticket

A ticket that can be used for several games of Keno.

Split Ticket

Two (or more) groups of numbers played separately on the same ticket.

Straight Ticket

A ticket on which the player bets only on one and the same number.

Way Ticket

Another ticket that allows for several types of wagers.

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