Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Winning at Pai Gow Poker requires a demanding nature. There are pointers that can help you increase your chances of winning although it is essential to apply them with great rigor and caution. It should also be noted the rules of Pai Gow Poker may vary according to the online casino hosting the game. Hence, a different strategy would be required although the changes would be minimal without significantly affecting your performance.

Strategic Options

In addition to a rigorous approach which will ensure that you frequently avoid seeing your balance fall steeply, it is advisable to avoid crowded tables, to play the house when you are not the Banker and apply the four handy pointers provided below in order to enhance your chances of winning Pai Gow Poker.

  • Possessing a substantial balance
  • Remembering to pay commissions
  • Remembering to take a break
  • Playing as the Banker whenever the opportunity arises

Configuration 1: Possessing a substantial balance

There is a simple and quick solution for succeeding at Pai Gow Poker. The only catch is that it requires the player to have a larger balance than other players at the table. A significant balance is required so that a player can take on the role of the Banker, in order to be able cover the bets placed by other players. Taking on the role of the Banker will provide you with significant advantages including: rapidly increasing the odds in your favour, enabling you to win larger amounts.

Configuration 2: Remembering to pay commissions

It is important to remember that Pai Gow Poker winners are required to pay a 5% commission on all of their earnings. It is therefore advisable to pay a portion of your balance before bidding. You must ensure you have sufficient funds to last the course. Finally, it is worth noting that there is absolutely no means by which anyone can avoid paying any commissions. No concessions will be made in the event of one or more losses. Once a bet is won, the casino management immediately and unfailingly charges 5% of the amount.

Configuration 3: Remembering to take a break

A Pai Gow Poker session generally progresses slowly. If you feel that you are no longer playing as effectively as you were at the beginning or you are losing too much money, it means you probably need a little rest. Take the opportunity to take a nap or a walk for a few hours or even to completely stop playing for the day.

Configuration 4: Playing as the Banker whenever the opportunity arises

The role of Banker in Pai Gow Poker is much more profitable than any other. As the Banker, your rating and your chances of winning are much stronger and, the house advantage is almost non-existent. It is a good idea to ensure you play as the Banker as often as possible.