Sic Bo Glossary

Think that apprehending all the words that belong to the online sic bo lexical field is a waste of time? Think again! Before you enter a web casino room, you will need to master all these expressions, otherwise you will be doomed to fail (and you know that failure as a very bitter taste, right?).


Or “Bet” in English. In Sic Bo, there are many different types of bets, adaptable according to the numbers and betting limits. Sic Bo notably offers highly varied payouts that can range from 1-to-1 to 180-to-1.


In Sic Bo, a cage traditionally used to shake the dice prior to the roll of the dice and their respective numbers.


A “clear” is synonymous with “cancel.” This procedure cancels all bets that were previously placed on the table. With this done, your chips are immediately returned to you.


The “Chuck-a-Luck” is one of several variants of Sic Bo. This variant was introduced in England and is very popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries.


A game of Sic Bo requires the use of three dice, each with six faces. The goal is to predict the result of the roll of these dice.


A bet in which the player decides to wager on a number from 1 to 6. Two of the three available dice will have to display the designated number in order for the player to win the bet.


The player bets on a “duo” when he or she expects that two specific numbers will show on two of the three dice. There are fifteen possible types of “duos” in Sic Bo.

Grand Hazard

Another variation of Sic Bo from the Middle East. It is from this variant that the Sic Bo of today has traced its origins.


In Sic Bo, a grid displayed on the game table designates the different bets that are possible to make. With a click of the mouse, it is possible to place, withdraw or confirm a bet executed on the grid. But this of course is only possible with online Sic Bo.


Chips of different values are used for betting in Sic Bo. Each chip represents a specific value. Sometimes, in land-based casinos, one can even add a converted sum to the chips to enlarge the bet.

Big Bet

A bet allows the player to predict that the sum of the three dice will be between 11 and 17. The payout is 1-to-1 for this type of bet.

Weak Bet

A generic term that is used when speaking of a bet without a combined formula. A “weak bet” or “single bet” will thus involve betting on a single number to appear on a die, for example. This is a basic method of betting.

Strong Bet

The opposite of “weak bet,” the “strong bet” permits the use of types of simultaneous bets that involve all three dice at once. Betting that the same number will appear on all three dice is one type of “strong bet.”

Small bet

The player bets that the sum of all three dice will total less than 11. The payout is 1-to-1 unless there is a “low triple” (that is, the triple of numbers 1, 2 or 3). In that case, the bet loses. There are 108 possible combinations of dice for this type of bet.


A generic term that is used when speaking of a bet involving the same amount that was wagered in the previous game.

Sic Bo

“Sic Bo” is a modern dice game adapted to online platforms, having as its objective to find numbers or winning combinations. Sic Bo allows up to 50 different ways to place a bet. It has many variations and antecedents around the world.


Or “single” bet. The player bets on the outcome of one single number. The payout varies depending on the number of dice showing the number selected. This can range from 1-to-1 in the case of a single die to 10-to-1 for all three. It is possible to bet on a great many numbers.


This refers to a bet that encompasses a “total.” In effect, the player bets on the “total” that will be added up from all three dice. In Sic Bo, there are fourteen likely totals having a payoff that is variable but relatively high, as it is a “strong bet” wager.


This option available in virtual casinos allows for pushing a button called “Spin.” This starts the rotation of the cage in order to shake the dice. The button can only be used as long as the bet has not been executed on the table.

Betting Table

In Sic Bo, a betting table allows the player to place his or her different wagers from the top down.

Tai Sai

Name of the game “Sic Bo” in some Asian countries.


Functioning like the “double bet,” the “triple bet” means that the three dice will show one and same number. This is one of the “strong bets” that can bring the highest winnings with a scheme of 180-to-1.

Any Triple

As distinct from the “triple bet,” the player does not need to select a specific number. The bet therefore wins, regardless of the number displayed on all three dice. The payout is 30-to-1.

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