Slot Machine Glossary

It is time for you to be become a fine slot strategist. However, one essential first step will be to master the whole terms and expressions dedicated to this very famous screen game. This is precisely what we are suggesting you to do today.

Armed bandit

This is a synonym used as another way to describe slot machines in general. Indeed, they are called “armed bandits” because of their lever or arm, which was originally used to activate the machine.


This is a diode implanted in the slot machine and diffusing a light intended to guide the user in making a manual payment. It is replaced by another light or sound when one plays online slot machines.


The latest slot machines have a bonus system: it permits the user to take advantage of free spins or additional credits, as the case may be.


This is the acronym for an English conglomerate called “Electronic Gaming Machine.”


These are slot machines in three dimensions, reflecting the latest technology. Particularly attractive, these slot machines are also very generous with bonuses.

Progressive Jackpot

This is a category of jackpot that increases as, and to the extent, users continue playing that machine. Sometimes progressive jackpots are linked to the slot machines of a whole network of casinos. Once it hits, the value of progressive jackpot drops back to zero.


This is known in English under the name “wild symbol.” It is a symbol that can replace any symbol in order to form a winning combination.

Pay Line

This is a line on which the player places his or her wagers.


The slot machines of this type have more than two pay lines that form combinations. Sometimes multi-line slot machines have up to fifty pay lines.

Hand Pay

Sometimes, when an amount is too excessive, the cashier of the casino himself makes the payment instead of the machine. This often happens when the machine no longer contains enough tokens.


On each reel several symbols are shown. These change with each spin. Slot machines can contain up to five reels.


The “scatter” symbols are those that trigger the activation of a win, regardless of their order or chronology of the pay line.

Free Spins

“Tours Gratuits,” which are also called “free spins,” can be won when the player obtains three “scatter” symbols. These appear on the screen and make reference to a specific number of free spins.

Video Poker

This is a variation of slot machines in which the player decides whether to keep the cards or discard them, somewhat like a poker game. The rules are also quite similar to those of a card game.