Video Poker Glossary

You are not at ease with the Video Poker jargon? It is fine, no need to bother your head over! We are going to teach you all the most recurrent terms and expressions you will come across in web casinos. Below is a small dictionary which will help you out in the most awkward situations.

Average Payback

This is also known by the symbol “EV” (or Expected Value). Every hand in Video Poker has an applicable average payback, and it is incumbent on the player to choose the most interesting, and therefore highest, payback.

Bet Max

“Bet Max” refers to the maximum bet. In most cases this will be five coins per hand played.

Cash Out

The term “cash out” means that you decide to take your money out of the machine. It suffices to press the button with the same label to withdraw this money.


“Comps” are rewards added to the cashback. These are often points received by the player when he or she plays the machines frequently or is part of a VIP Club of the casino concerned.


The equivalent of money for a Video Poker machine is what is called credits. Credits are thus a method for converting the money wagered. In general, €10 will constitute 10 credits.


This is a statistical calculation of the number of hands that need to be played for a card or a combination to come up. A Royal Flush occurs once every 30,000 hands played, giving us an idea of the cycle for that combination.


The “denomination” refers to the value of a combination of cards. However, this term is sometimes used in speaking about the value of a wager.

Rejected Cards

These are the cards that you relinquish voluntarily following a round of play.

Double Up

This is the opportunity to bet a second time during a round of play.


Signifying “Donne,” this term speaks for itself and refers to an action that takes place once the cards have been retained or, conversely, discarded.


This is the margin realized by the casino or house. It is the mathematical advantage held by the casino in all of the games. The edge is calculated as a percentage.

Expected Return

This signifies “potential winnings” and refers to the average amount that is paid back to the player at the end of a game.

Expected Value

This means “expected value” and refers to the average of all possible outcomes in the course of a play.


A combination comprising five cards of the same color.

Four of a Kind

Or “quads,” a combination comprising four cards having the same rank.


A combination that includes a King and a Pair.

Full Pay

This term describes the best possible pay table for a specific type of hand. One can thus see that, for Jacks or Better, a full pay returns around 9 coins.


This term, displayed on your screen, designates the five cards you have been dealt.


This term means that you are keeping the hand you already have.


The “jackpot” is an additional payoff attainable by composing a strong upper hand such as a royal flush. The “jackpot” is often progressive in Video Poker.


A card that increases your winnings when added to your original hand. The ace, the two, the three or the four can be kickers.

Maximum coins

This term refers to the maximum number of coins wagered by hand. In using the “bet max” option, this procedure is done automatically.


This is the act of betting more than one hand at a time. Some variants even allow playing with three, five or even ten hands.


This term defines the probability of drawing a hand of any kind.


A combination containing two cards of the same value.

Pat hand

A “pat hand,” or “main servie,” is a complete hand that cannot be improved in any way. This is the case with quads or a full.


The “payback” is the potential return, somewhat like the EV (“expected value”).


This signifies the amount the player wins on a given hand. This amount is often displayed in coins.

Pay Table

This is a list or schedule indicating the varying potential of the “payback.”

Perfect play

A “perfect play” or “perfect hand” means to play a hand in accordance with the highest EV. A perfect hand blocks every house advantage.

Progressive jackpot

This is a jackpot translated in French as “Jackpot Progressif.” It allows for an accumulation of the amount of the jackpot of several combined and simultaneous hands. One can pick this up only one time.

Random Number Generator

Also known as the RNG, the “random number generator” is a system enabling the machine to deal the cards in a totally random fashion. This method is used to prevent illegal losses that some players could experience.

Royal Flush

This is the best possible hand on most machines. It is also called a “Quinte Royale.” It is composed, for example, of a 10, jack, queen, king and ace of diamonds.

Sequential Royal Flush

The “numerical royal flush” is simply a flush that is in numerical order. It may result in an additional jackpot.


Also called a “quinte” or even a “suite,” this combination has five cards in numerical order but of different suits.

Straight Flush

The “straight flush” is a combination that has five cards in sequence and of the same suit.


The term “suit” or “color” refers to the formation of five cards of the same color.

Three of a kind

Or “Brelan.” This is a hand having three cards of the same rank.

Two Pairs

Or “Double Pair.” A hand consisting of two separate pairs of cards.

Wild Card

Any card that can replace all other cards.

Wild Royal Flush

Or “Quinte Royale Wild.” This is a “royal flush” that includes a “wild” card. This card replaces one that should exist to form an adequate hand.

Winning Hand

This term can be translated as “Main Gagnante.” It refers to any hand that permits the player to win the game.