Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker, most commonly known as Poker des Caraïbes in French is a very exotic variant of the popular most card game that is mainly played in land based gambling establishments. Like blackjack, which follows most of the codes, Caribbean Poker allows a player to play with a dealer face-to-face. The main descendants of Caribbean Poker certainly include Poque, created in the 16th century. Modern poker, whose premises date from 1830, also contributed to the development of Caribbean Poker, which is completely based on its main variations.

Variations of Caribbean Poker

The inventor of Caribbean Poker currently remains unknown. What is known is that this tropical game emerged on Aruba, a small autonomous state in the Lesser Antilles. A Former Dutch territory, the island of Aruba is located near Venezuela. It would obviously be possible to probe the local population of only 100,000 inhabitants, although the creator of the Caribbean Poker could very well be a traveler or a stranger, since the small island has been widely open to tourism in the last twenty years. According to our sources, the game was based in the Holiday Inn & Casino, in the late 1980s. It is probably in that hotel with luxurious comfort, close to the turquoise beach that Caribbean Poker was born. It was in memory of this that the Holiday Inn & Casino was chosen to host the World Series of Poker in 2005.

You will notice that another well-known name is Caribbean Poker Caribbean Stud or Caribbean Stud, but the origins of the name this time seem to be completely blurred. Still, users have the chance to name the game as they see fit.

Caribbean Poker Today

Starting from 1989, Caribbean Poker spread all over the Caribbean Islands, being especially practiced clandestinely by sailors. In 1992, Caribbean Poker established itself as a new gaming style and was adopted by casinos in Nevada. Their dissatisfaction with the game led casino experts in Las Vegas to add a progressive jackpot to Caribbean Poker which is now a key part of the game. Caribbean Poker has become extremely popular with fans of the genre, thanks to its often phenomenal jackpots especially since it is now possible to play on the web. Indeed, online casinos and software providers all offer their own versions of Caribbean Poker, a game that is not only fun to play but also and above all, relaxing.