Pokies - Ultimate Online Slots Player's Guide to maximise your winnings

Slots, slots and more slots! The most popular of all gambling games online hand down! Free slot machines are propelling forward as a fast-growing pastime. Especially now as the free slot machine with free spins providing lots of entertainment and thrills.

TOP 3 to Discover Pokies
1 Wildz
  • Welcome Bonus Offer
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Live Casino Games
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2 JackpotCity
  • Up to $1600 free
  • More than 400 games
  • Microgaming and Netent
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3 Jonny Jackpot
  • $1,000 + 100 Spins
  • Live Dealer Tables
  • Jackpot Total $11m+
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Introduction: The World of Pokies Gaming Online

When you play online slots you enter a world of gaming like no other. More diverse games, bonus round features, jackpots, new titles released each week, free spins from gaming features and if you win big in a game it can change your life forever.

So much has changed in the few years that have passed, promotions making almost everything available, bigger jackpots from progressive slots that support millions in prize pots. New members that join casinos are getting the best wins through welcome packages that offer free Vegas slots without depositing money. The dynamic has changed making the cash prize bigger, the reel longer and the player more engrossed.

The information throughout our slot selection will show and teach you ways to get super wins, with our strategy and free games choice. Learning and playing the combination will be the best way to start, it’s a magic combination.

Win the Biggest Payouts in the World with Pokies

Through one spin from any of the pokies online, your life can take a whole new turn. Winning big is the be-all and end-all when gambling online. Casinos use jackpot games to push interest on their website, but it is not just some tool to lure players in, actual millions have been won by players on these video games and billion have been paid out in the past 5 years alone. The state of play with progressive slots looks like it’s only going to become bigger than it already is and certainly more payouts expected.

What is the Progressive Jackpot?

This gaming favourite in the pokie realm allows players to pay for a chance to receive life-changing payouts.

The biggest win so far was an English gentleman that took $13million from the progressive jackpot Mega Moolah™ by Microgaming. The progressive game is still the same type of coin-play slot machine as you would expect, with the exception of having 4 bonus levels.

Land the right symbols and the chance to play jackpot spins can lead you to a very healthy payback.

Progressives aren’t just based on the singular jackpot. Like Mega Moolah™ there could be four or three. This is because the game is linked to a network of casinos, that means millions of players in different sites and in different countries are all pursuing the same goal.

Are Progressive Slots Worthy of the Hype?

When you have pokies filled with multi-millions, it certainly is inviting. But are they worth playing given the odds? There are a number of factors to consider with looking at the payout percentage. The games under the bracket of progressive slots are all made with the RTP algorithm. This means the more paid in, the more frequent payouts are. However, the payout is so massive that it has to reach that amount and more before the algorithms signal that it is time to cash out.

Now, this is the same for other slots on all casinos, but the payout is 10 times less which actually benefits you with player odds of winning. Also, some progressive games require the full maximum wagers to be played to better your chances of qualifying for a go at the jackpot rounds. This is not the case for a regular pokie that could offer up to and in excess of $250,000.

Play Free Demo Slots

There are many opportunities to access online slots that are totally free. The bonus is one option to experience new game releases with no cost, but we are here to discuss demo games and what they offer.

No Cost and No Download Gaming

Free slots are accessible from any device and mobile users do not need to acquire additional tools to play on the reels. Demos are real games which are used by the best casino sites. The demo is an original product that has been made by a licensed software developer that services the best casinos around the world.

It has been said that professional players use them to build gaming strategies and it is understandable given they are the blueprint of what you play inside a real money casino. So, with no download and no cost to use demo pokies, there is plenty of ways you can kill your time and take advantage of the given situation.

Free Bonus Gaming

If we caught your attention with the discussion of free gaming via bonuses, then here is a brief explanation of the facts.

Casino hand out many promotions to players and they predominantly consist of free spins and cash allowances. These come with no deposit required and from them, you still get to keep the money you win. Plus, with the time you spend learning about pokie slots from the demo games, you will know which are the best games to play with your bonuses and not see them go to waste. If you like the idea of this, always be sure to read bonus details before use, so they are used correctly and no wasted.

How to Play Standard Slots and Win

So, how do you play pokies? The answer: With great ease. The slot machines are the simplest form of game with an online casino. This is why the appeal of these games never ceased, you press a button, hope the symbols align in the gaming and you can win big very quickly and very easily. But not every machine offers the same kind of game. So, let’s take a look at how gambling with a slot changes over a number of options to give you an example of how diverse the pokie game can be.

The Array of Features within Pokie Machines

Players have many options and ways to win their money, slots are one of the most diverse games built, like the video poker games and scratch cards, there is an abundance of themes and styles.

The attraction of the slot is the invitation to play something new each time. Those the programming remains the same, the dynamics can alter greatly, and no two slots will ever be exactly the same, which is impressive when you think that there are over 5000 in circulation on the Internet today.

Differences can be found in:

  • The wagering values for max and min payments per spin
  • The number of reels used
  • The size of the jackpots
  • The number of paylines
  • The varying bonuses that trigger surprise wins
  • The adaption of gaming style where old titles are revamped with Megaways features that bring the game into a larger reel grid.

Many deluxe and exclusive features are added and altered to machines, there are also many innovative concepts which bring life into what is an old format.

Getting Started and Playing Slots Online

When loading a game, you are faced with the image of the reels, you have a box that highlights the credit you win and there are buttons to change the value of the spin your playing and the spin button. There is an info tab that informs you of the game’s paytable and the terms of use.

The wagering of a game is always defaulted so be sure to adjust this to what suits before spinning.

To land the hot wins or the jackpot fortune, you are looking to align the same symbols across the pay lines which are denoted in the game’s info. There are some machines where the number of pay lines can be adjusted. Having more doesn’t necessarily make you luckier, so it can be something to experiment with.

If you become a jackpot king, then the screen will advise you that you have won the prize and a member of the casino will contact you to claim the winnings.

The Software of Online Slots

Not many players know the value of understanding the slot software, it can help you to avoid developers that make their games slightly harder than others and it’s beneficial to know how games are programmed so you spend your funds on the right type of slots within the casino. Here we look at the making of the games and those which develop them.

Pokie Developers

Given that the market is huge and there are thousands of casinos online, there aren’t too many software developers about. Roughly 50 exist in the market, where perhaps 30 of them are most commonly used.

Those to look out for are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Habanero, Red Tiger, Quickspin, Elk Studios, Play’n GO, Genesis, Blueprint Gaming, Big Time Gaming, IGT, SG Scientific, Rabcat, Pragmatic Play, Real Time Gaming, Yggdrasil, Realistic, BetSoft, iSoftBet, Bally, Boom Games, Leander Gaming, Lightning Box Gaming, Thunderkick and many, many others that bring award-winning entertainment to the masses.

How Pokie Games are Built

Pokies are built with two algorithms; these programs are known as RTP (Return to Player) and the RNG (Random Number Generator).

The RTP is based on a percentage calculation, meaning that it will pay out when the right percentage of money has been placed into the game, the same as you would find with any slot machine that is in a pub or land-based casino.

The RNG works by random number sequencing, this produces serial numbers for the symbols of the slot and numbers are created during the spin of the reels. In the spin process, the numbers attributed to the symbols will come up and should they match when the spins stop, then you win. Think of it like having a list of 100 serial numbers for a bank vaults code, each attempt is a spin and will payout when they align and match.

Top 3 Casinos
1 Wildz
  • Welcome Bonus Offer
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Live Casino Games
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2 JackpotCity
  • Up to $1600 free
  • More than 400 games
  • Microgaming and Netent
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3 Jonny Jackpot
  • $1,000 + 100 Spins
  • Live Dealer Tables
  • Jackpot Total $11m+
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Strategical Play with Online Pokies

Going back in time and in the history of slot making in its earliest form there had always been attempts to ‘crack’ the machine with some magical slot strategy

Strategies for slots appeared long after as Charles August Fey took some time to design the unique three-roller models that we know today. The slot machine’s pioneer, who back in the day, owned a phone devices’ company decided to use electrical gears and other equipment in order to build his new slot machine model. Shortly thereafter, he was employed by Gustav Shultze, the most famous manufacturer of his time. From these times to now, what is nearing 100 years, the slot strategy has become the holy grail for players.

Do Slot Strategies Work?

For this, the simple answer is ‘yes and no’. Players tend to think it’s them against the casino, when in fact it is them against other players when it comes to progressive jackpots.

Games found in the UK can be played by those in New Zealand and the focus needs to be more about how you can beat other players to the jackpot prizes rather than some vague notion that the casino is where the secrets lie in achieving success.

There are techniques to adopt into your style of play that will give you an edge over the other members of the site, but if you are wanting a hack that guarantees 100% success across slot machines, then you may have to wait another 100 years before it is figured out.

Simple Strategical Techniques

There are indeed ways to help you gain a slight advantage, but take note, if players came via our site like you, they will be using the same approach.

1. Prolonging game time is essential. Use casino bonuses to help you play for as long as possible. That last free spin you collect or the last 1.00 of a free cash allowance could make the difference between you or another player winning.

2. Play popular and new game releases. These will be marked within the games lobby. The more a game is played the more chance it has of repeatedly paying out.

3. Practice with demo games are essential, as mentioned before, these will help you to learn which games are good and which are awful. This will save you money that should be used on slot games that are of worth and value.

How Online Pokies Came to Be

Here, we look at the history of how casino pokies came to be and its evolution is to the world’s #1 casino game and gambling feature, that is now played by millions upon millions of players worldwide.

How it all started

Slot machines are very popular in online casinos today. On top of being attractive and top-quality gaming products, they hide many secrets that may be decrypted by studying their colorful history. A man named Charles August Fey was at the origin of the first-ever roller slot machine. This item was known in the 19th century by the name of "Liberty Bell".

Charles August Fey, who discovered a very early passion for all kinds of mechanical objects, left his original town to settle down in California. It is under California’s shining sun that he concocted this revolutionary machine, which radically changed citizens’ customs and ways of life. Nevertheless, other precursors also implemented the different rules to the machine we currently know.

The Evolution Begins

The "Liberty Bell" gradually became revolutionary. Smaller, but now made of metal and colourful symbols on each roll, the slot machine already had the Spades, Hearts, and Clubs symbols as well as an iron horse. The machine already offered a thousand possible combinations.

Later, the machine helped to understand progressive jackpots’ systems in land-based casinos throughout some mechanical operations. This type of mechanical machine survived until the 1960s, before getting exceeded by Bally’s electronic machine.

Now very popular, slot machine companies started competing. One of the "Liberty Bell" machines was stolen by a competitor of the brand and its secrets were revealed in broad daylight. One of Fey’s mistakes was to keep the exclusivity of the machine’s manufacturing process instead of commercializing its patent. In 1906, Mills made a machine similar to Fey’s, followed by other manufacturers such as Watling who became famous with his invention.

Slots, however, began stirring up suspicions and worse, became controversial. US lawmakers decided on ways to remove them from the market and tried hard to prevent them from flourishing as they were considered as a "vicious and damaging game." But Mills had an idea, which enabled the survival of slot machines.

For each machine, he added a candy dispenser, replaced symbols appearing on slots by others representing fruits usually: plum, orange, lemon, cherry and mint. The aim was to adjust the machine and give it a childish look. Only the bell remained: a kind of tribute to its genius inventor.

Slot machines could freely operate. Players bought candies with coins. If they hit the right combination, they could win a certain number of tokens exchangeable for drinks and other items.

Taking Gambling Forward

Subsequently, slot machines were first implanted in land-based casinos once the legalization of gambling activities was adopted. This way, the first game involving profit as its intention was born. Now transposed into online casinos, slots are accompanied by promotional benefits. Bonuses offered by slot machines are numerous and allow many players to win a big-time jackpot. A big thanks to Charles August Fey!

Slots are now playable across all devices which now make those boring nights in a thing of the past. The development of the slot game has expanded with developers like Yggdrasil, Ainsworth, Rival, Bally and iSoftBet stretching the genres for ideas to heighten the action to be had when spinning reels. Whole new worlds are created with golden dragons, stars, Aztec, crystal, princess action, age-old themes, genie games, ocean treasure games, Irish, temple, it’s all been created even movie and music is stepping in.

Details in graphics transcend the players that enjoy games with unique levels of depth and indulgence. Every online free game we hold you’ll get to experience the same, mega fortune rewards to take and crazy quest adventure games to play. Our drive to bring you all the best is the secret to our success, and we hope you get plenty of riches after experiencing our online slots section.

The Transition to Online Slot Machines

The transition of online pokies from cabinets to digital visual on the Internet was going to happen and it began back in 1996, the year games in the slot realm made the leap and next advancement into a more modern casino.

Technology changes the course of everything, soon this will seem primitive when the time comes, maybe 10, 20-years down the line. Even in 100-years how players gamble will not be as we know of it today.

Gambling as We Know it

As we step into 2020 it is currently easy to see where pokie machines have been, but speculation surrounds where it is going, but there are a few ideas that seem to predict real possibilities and we have already seen a gaming example which came out in 2018.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™ was released by BetSoft. This game was the only clear distinction of where the idea of future pokie games would lead us. The concept was simple, mix slot play with console gaming. Players would play levels, choose avatars and shoot at objects within the game to win real money. This was gaming on a whole new level! Nothing like this had ever been conceived before and it was suddenly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In time, games like this, with wild concepts and brave ideas will become the norm for one simple reason, it’s what the public want. Player satisfaction is very easy to acquire and to spin for cash winning within games that offer something new is the only way online pokies can ever develop.

Some Things Will Never Change

What is certain, is that the fundamentals will remain, deposit bonuses, progressive jackpot options, worldly riches, instant access and account security. The foundations of a casino and why people gamble will remain. There are still a number of changes to come, but these will be superficial and will have no effect on the slot or will they.

The success of a casino is everything, the more popular a casino is, the more games are played and, thusly, more money can be won. Where casinos fail to offer change or no longer adapt with technological changes, they will and in the past, have fallen by the wayside. Both casino adaption and slot innovation work hand in hand, this only means that changes will be made for the better which is win-win for any player registered and showing an interest in profiting from the opportunities presented within the slot games online.

Summary of the Pokie Game

There is no other game like it that has the range and dynamic entertainment within the casino. You can play games based on blockbuster movies, you can spin reels that come within horror genres, or play cute fluffy farmyard animal slots. Every possible idea, theme and style has been swallowed up by the pokie category and they never cease to entertain. They are fun to play and the rewards are bigger than anything else going inside any casino. No matter which one you opt to join, the slot is king of the casino games and it will long reign supreme.


  • Q: Are online slots rigged? A: No, games are independently tested by gambling authorities and commission who analyse the algorithms of the games and certify the casino as being a fair operation. This certificate should be displayed on the casino for users to access.
  • Q: What is the maximum and minimum wagering for a slot machine? A: Slot games vary, minimum wagers can be as low as 0.10 and max wagers can be as high as 500.00 per spin!
  • Q: Who is the best slot developer? A: There are many developers that produce their own unique games, the most popular on the market are Microgaming, NetEnt, Red Tiger and Real Time Gaming.
  • Q: Are online pokies better than real ones? A: The programming is the same, so you have to look at diversity and rewards and by that measure, online slots provide more options and payout far bigger rewards on average than normal land-based slot machines.
  • Q: What happens if I win the jackpot? A: If you are lucky to hit the jackpot, you will be contacted by the casino to discuss how the payment will be made and if there are terms to cashing out, then you may have to receive payments in monthly amounts.

Created by Jimmy McCullum