3 Card Poker

Three Card Poker or 3 Card Poker, is one of the most popular variations of poker. This contemporary card game is associated with specific folklore although its origins are unclear. We know that the direct ancestor of poker in its most general form was Pooches, which originated in Germany. In France, there is also mention of Poque, a game that was practiced in the time of Louis XVI. Modern poker was created in Ohio by Jonathan Green, who created the final version in 1834. However American casinos were already providing poker by the 1880s. Nowadays, the poker is the most practiced card game in the world, especially on the internet where it has become the flagship game of many operators.

Variations of 3 Card Poker

In spite of the fact that 3 card poker has only been launched recently, it is the most popular variant of poker. It is believed that 3 card poker was created in England from the game of Brag (or Bluff) whose cards were only created a short while earlier by Derek Webb, one of the greatest poker enthusiasts in British history. Dissatisfied with the pace at which U.S. poker was played (he found it to be too slow) he set up his own version of Bit-Brag a, faster, more instinctive game, which was also an instant success. Following the advent of the internet, 3 card poker quickly took over online casinos.

On some entertainment sites, online 3 Card Poker is known as Tri-Poker. Played facing a dealer, 3 Card Poker actually includes two games under the same name: the game Ante and Play and Pair Plus. During the Pair Plus round bet that the player receives a winning pair or an even more favourable hand.

3 Card Poker Today

3 Card Poker continues to give rise to an increasing number of new variants. Its most important variations include 3-Card Poker Gold, 3 Card Poker Multi Hand and 3-Card Poker Mobile, different games that allow you to use all the subtleties of Poker 3 cards which are more numerous than can be imagined .

It is worth noting that the 3 card poker has the advantage of being available in its Flash version, and its benefits include fast games and much reduced waiting and potential loading times. 3 card Poker games are generally lively, quick but also very instinctive.