Poker strategy: Play Free Poker Games and Win Real Money from Casinos

The saying goes, easy to learn, hard to master. This ladies and gentlemen is Poker and in a game where the house has the advantage, already held without a card being dealt, we need to address the balance and shift it in our favour as best as we can.

So here we offer a number of tactics, tips and strategies to help your game when playing online whether it’s a tournament game or multi-player action.

The Basic Poker Strategies: Options to consider during gameplay of poker online to turn a bad game great

The first step is to know the type of game you wish to play, fun or real money, especially if you a new poker player stepping up to the table for a seat. The type of game sets your mental attitude, but for both types, there is no use turning up expecting to lose.

Remember no matter the skill level, everyone suffers losses, this is why the poker game is about the long haul, there is no quick big win and if you have a low bankroll then you have no choice but to play over a period of time to build a healthy pot to then wager from. It’s all about profit margins dear reader, so time and patience is key at this stage of entering the poker arena.

There is a math to the approach when playing poker online and winning is about the knowing the odds of best approaching a high wager from the best hand you have. Bring on the mind games of Poker, trying to out muscle your opponents with the control of the table from the start, so the starting hand is key to have other players gauge your game. This separates the beginners from the pros.

So what do you need to avoid, well with emotion running high you may become prone to the poker ‘tilt’, where you show more in your emotions than you need too without displaying your cards. No-one knows what the others have, it’s about mental control and you can win without divulging your hand should you hold strong till the other player makes an uncalled bet.

Advanced poker strategies: Taking the game to the game to the next level that’s more suited for high rollers

Poker is a versatile game, you have a number of ways to win from a single High card to the Royal Flush. 10 key hands and with this the complexities of emotional control.

There are a number of advanced skills, one known as the ‘Tight’ where the player is cautious not to over bet and plays few hands. The ‘Loose’ is the exact opposite, a chancer, someone that goes guns out at the table – enthusiasm would best describe the ‘Loose’ player. ‘Aggressive’ is the player that will put other players under pressure, if you have the money to bet big then it makes it very hard for people to call your bluff. ‘Passive’ is a player that calls bets rather than taking the game to the end and lets the other player control the play.