Craps is a game that requires the use of six-sided dice. For years, these dice took on all kinds of shapes. Craps rules are unique, and the way we practiced this game grew enormously until today. Now the game has been standardized in order to make it more sustainable and accessible. Although Craps may appear to be a very complex game, simplified versions can be found all over the world.

A popular game

Basically, all that is needed to play Craps is two dice, a bit of money and your brain. During World War II, American soldiers used to play Craps during their spare time. Whether on the battlefield, in school or on some street corner, Craps has proven that it’s a particularly flexible kind of distraction regardless of where you decide to play it.

The online casinos’ boom has shown how Craps successfully got transformed into an online game. Craps remains quite an accessible game. It is so practical that every single one of us can play it, regardless of age, social status or previous experience.

Ancestral origins

We don’t really know where Craps originally came from. Most gambling games emerged from the Antiquity, so there are high probabilities that Craps was primarily a historic invention. However, we know for sure that Craps was a game practiced by the British for centuries: its ancestral variant was called “Hazard”.

When Europeans began to make their appearance in different regions of the globe, they brought with them their knowledge and traditions. Similarly, they also came to share their entertainments of the time. Some believe that it was the British who brought Craps along with them. Others argue that it was the French who originated such a cultural transfer. Craps was eventually exported into New Orleans, which, today, is the cultural headquarters for this game.

The second version

Some historians support that Craps could have been implanted during the Crusades. A noble gentleman named Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, whose ancestors had kept the game secret by fear of its future possible commercialization, actually betrayed him to sell it abroad. Discerning player and rich politician, Mandeville de Marigny is the one who brought the game to Louisiana. For centuries, various European countries have claimed the game as their own creation. Today, it is still difficult to know the truth about the origins of Craps.

John H. Winn, the precursor

Craps strategy was designed by a man named John H. Winn. He implemented a new table that allows players to benefit from a greater number of bets. With the foundation of Las Vegas in the 30s, Craps had a real opportunity to expand its notoriety. Craps is now one of the most exciting casino games. Craps may seem complicated at first sight but once you've begun to familiarize yourself with the basic rules, you'll find it easy to play and, most of all, entertaining.

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