Sic Bo

For some players, Sic Bo is a real brain teaser. Indeed, unlike Poker or Blackjack, it is impossible to create or follow a specific and applicable gaming method at Sic Bo. However, you can still optimize your chances of winning: this can be done through a process of money management that will evolve in function of your investments and the money you will bet.

Maximizing your winnings

You must carefully choose your bet before moving on to the next stage. In general, although Sic Bo rules are fixed, you still have a 50 percent chance of ending up winning. Therefore, you better opt for a 4-10 format or even an 11-18 scheme. At Sic Bo, investing at the right time is already a way to anticipate your next winning bet.

Calculating the house advantage

With a house edge of about 9.72 percent, your total bet has little chance to earn you much. The number you obtain after throwing the dice therefore is extremely important. You can think that if you get a total number ranging from 7 to 14, you certainly have your chances on your side. Yet, calculating the house advantage also means evaluating risks and bets’ opportunities. In order to win the jackpot, you may need to take some risks.

Managing your budget efficiently

This question is recurrent -- knowing how to manage your money is the best way to be sure that you will stay twice as long in the game. You can use a very simple money management system. We can sum it up like this: make your purchases at the Bank and leave the table as soon as you are satisfied with your winnings. Let’s say that if you succeed in winning 50 percent more money than your first bet, you did a good job! To proceed, content yourself to play with half your money and think of where and when you are going to place your bet. Controlling your betting frequency adequately is of paramount importance while playing Sic Bo.

Staying in control

It is essential for you to behave rationally while betting, regardless of whether you have a game strategy or not. Statistically, you'll never get the same numbers: 2, 3 or 4 twice for example. No need to bet on doubles or triples.

Forget about betting excessive amounts. When you do that, you do not have the ability to control the course of the game. For a beginner, the best option is a small bet, which can make you win large amounts while capitalizing on numbers ranging from 4 to 10. Strong bets are another possibility though you have less of a chance of winning in the short-tem. Then, you will need to bet on the numbers placed between 11 and 14.

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