Free Sic Bo

Sic Bo is best known as Tai Sai, a game that comes from Ancient China. Sic Bo is played with three dice that are shaken in a cage. Having become very popular in the United States and in Europe, Sic Bo has spawned many adaptations, especially since it can be played free of charge. In fact, numerous online casinos and gambling establishments offer free Sic Bo games. Firstly, this allows people to enjoy themselves without any fee and to try their luck with a huge assortment of similar games. Secondly, playing Sic Bo free of charge allows people to get a sense of a unique game that is very popular. Finally, playing Sic Bo online, without any fee, prevents the nuisance of telecharge fees and untimely installment payments. You have everything to gain by playing online Sic Bo for free.

What does this game consist of?

It is without a doubt a game that you know nothing or next to nothing about, yet, Sic Bo is one of the most widely played games on the continent of Asia, and more particularly in Macao, the new Mecca of gambling. It must be mentioned that in France and in the majority of European countries, it has not yet been officially accepted. This game of Chinese origins has nevertheless made headway in the United Kingdom, where the gambling establishments have adopted it.

Anyway, you have the opportunity, if you want it, to try out Sic Bo and perhaps adopt it yourself. It is available in all the online casinos that we recommend to you. We will go over the rules of the game with you so that, when you start playing, you may perform well enough to win money.

Some Details

Some experts say that Sic Bo could possibly be the Asian cousin of roulette, a game that is rather popular in Europe and North America. To play Sic Bo, you have two elements that are essential: a bell jar with three dice inside, along with a mat on which you place the wagers. This mat is cut into many pieces which represent all the betting options that you have. Next, we will take a look at these options together.

Your objective in Sic Bo is simple; you must guess what score the combined number of the three dice will make after they have been shaken. It’s simple enough to get the gist of this game; you need only familiarize yourself with the right wagers on the mat. Aside from that, when you get to a Sic Bo table, whether it is virtual or real, there will be a pile of inserts that will help you place your bets on the spur of the moment based on the results of mechanically agitated dice. There exist two types of bets in Sic Bo: the Classic bets and the Sum bets.

Sic Bo will soon become your most favorite casino game: