Video Poker

The key to video poker is to ask the right questions. It’s important not to let the course of the game control your attitude. You shouldn’t leave the table unless you’ve won it all. There are some factors you need to consider if you to want succeed.

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Risk analysis

When we talk about risk, we are also talking about reward. If you take a big risk but win, you will be highly rewarded! When a player only spends a single coin, it’s less likely that he’ll win a huge payout but he is not really taking much of a risk. If a player wants to earn the maximum winnings, he will have to play the maximum number of coins, of course. Playing five coins is more expensive than playing only one but you also get five more chances to win the jackpot. This is a basic principle and all video poker players who know the rules will think it’ obvious.

Progressive jackpot analysis

Another useful video poker strategy is to observe the details of the progressive jackpots. If a player wants to win the progressive jackpot, then he is going to need to spend the maximum number of coins. Progressive jackpots are definitely the most profitable winnings but also the most difficult to win in a casino. Remember: you have to play the maximum number of coins to have the chance to compete for the progressive jackpot. Nevertheless, players must always stay alert as running after the progressive jackpot makes you lose money very quickly. Logic and self-control are your best tools in this case.

Time management analysis

Pay attention to the time you stay in the casino. When a player remains in the casino for a long time, the advantage of the house increases significantly. If the player wants to stay online for a long time, whatever the reason, betting one coin will be enough. If you are looking for instant entertainment, then play with the maximum amount of coins. Those who want to spend some time in the casino will therefore content themselves with playing a single coin at a time, those who want to win very quickly should play five coins at each turn.

Budget analysis

The player must always know payment lines and correct combinations. He should also consider the following questions: what is the house advantage of the casino? What is the progressive jackpot? Do I have enough money to continue the game? Always keep your budget in mind. If you’re rather short on pocket money, play only one coin at a time. If you have already won lots of money during the game, you can afford to spend five coins if you wish.

Bonus analysis

The bonuses offered by online casinos must be taken into account too. After all, it is also a good source of income that can increase your bankroll. In general, welcome gifts take the form of cash that you can play automatically. This is a great way to save money up.

Otherwise, games bonuses - applicable to short individual sessions, can make you win additional prizes that can also represent a huge advantage for you.

Also, be careful as statistics show that a player could have to play up to 30,000 times before hitting the jackpot. We know that games of chance work at random but after 30,000 games you might completely run out of money.