Video Poker Strategy

Contrary to many other games, the rules of Video Poker are simple enough to understand. You have to spend between 1 and 5 coins before receiving your cards. Then, players have to decide on keeping or discarding their current cards’ selection. Winnings are paid according to the value of your cards’ hand.

Combinations at Video Poker are the same as in traditional Poker.

Since there are no magic methods to win it is important for you to learn a couple of reliable strategies before playing for real. In fact, employing them could allow you to increase your chances of winning by 50%. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert on Video Poker, you have the opportunity to enjoy free training through links on our website. This will help you to familiarize yourself with all the little tricks of such a game.

Because there are many different available versions of Video Poker, here we will deal with the most common one, Jacks or Better. However, you can still adjust these strategies to the other Video Poker varieties.

Jacks or Better Strategy

Below you will find some strategic advice that will allow you make the right decision at Video Poker (the “Jacks or Better” type). This table sums up basic actions.

You will have to make the decision according to the cards you possess but the higher the combinations are located in the table, the more powerful they are. For instance: if you have a low pair (which means lower than a pair of Jacks, and two high cards like a King or a Queen, then you will need to keep the low pair).

Your Hand Cards you should keep Cards you should discard
Royal Flush 50
Straight Flush 50
Four of a Kind 41
4-Card Royal Flush 41
Full House 50
Flush 50
Three of a Kind 32
Straight 50
4-Card Straight Flush 41
Two Pairs 41
Pair of Jacks or better 23
3-Card Royal Flush 32
4-Card Straight 41
Pair lower to a pair of Jacks 23
4-Card Flush 41
3-Card Straight Flush 32
2-Card Straight Flush 23
3 High Cards (Jack, Queen, King)32
2 High Cards 23
1 High Card 14
No specific combination 05