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Roulette, the wheel, the spin, the number and the jump of the ball as it tries to land on your winning bet, it’s a classic that you can learn and play right here for free. Our guide brings you all the information you need for roulette that you might wish to read before getting into the thick of it when you join one of our top casino sites which house the game.

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Roulette is one of the most famous casino games offered throughout every casino found online and land-based. Roulette is a game of chance in which each player is seated around a table and will chooses a number, a colour, or several numbers that will or won’t be drawn. Many bets are possible at once at Roulette, which makes this game really exciting.

The gambling classic is usually where every beginner starts out when the step into a casino, real or digital, with the possible exception of slots. Betting is simple, small wagers can be made for good returns, betting options are plentiful and easy to understand, and if you get them right, you’ll rarely lose and we will touch upon these kind of things as you go through our guide to Roulette.

Here in our Roulette segment we will take you through the history of the game, its different strategies with some tips and free games to play. The full scope will be cover and a few things may actually surprise you, so if you’ve not heard of European roulette or know what the odds are for the house edge, then you soon will.

Learn the whole history of the game and understand how the Roulette rules began and how it plays now

There are many speculations about the historical origins of Roulette. Some people think that it appeared in Italy at the beginning of the seventeenth century, others suggest that it originated in France. Some theorists are convinced that the game made its first appearance in China and would have been brought along to Europe by Dominican monks.

What we are sure of today is that a French scientist had designed the wheel you know as "Roulette", which was first presented in land-based casinos around the world. Built in 1720, this experimental machine was built to determine whether a ball could make a smooth horizontal rotation along a circular area. This scientific observation later became a game-playing method. It was first used by the English under the name ‘Roly Poly’.

Just before the 1800s, Parisian casinos started offering new games with quite modern features and Roulette was one of them. Europeans who visited Louisiana during the same time introduced the Roulette wheel beyond the U.S. borders. In 1842, the wheel began to change thanks to brothers François and Louis Blanc who established the first wheel with a zero.

Their wheel was extremely popular until World War II: some players had already fallen in love with craps and blackjack but experts thought that Roulette had the potential to rival the older set of games. Today, Roulette seems to have lost a little bit of its attractiveness but many fans insist on making this game their unique passion. It should be noted that the zero and double zero system was developed in France during the last decade. However, the double zero is specific to the American roulette wheel. Roulette with a single zero is, meanwhile, the favourite of European players.

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There are more differences between the existing rollers and wheels than you think. The so-called ‘French Roulette’ or ‘European Roulette’ has 37 numbers. There is also the ‘English Roulette’ which is very similar to its French counterpart, but which operates differently. Indeed, it requires a limited number of players but enables them to refer to tokens of specific colour. The ‘American Roulette’ is the one it is important for you to distinguish from the rest because it is the most common one: its cylinder’s numbers are not distributed like the English and French Roulettes. On top of that, it has an additional number: "double zero". Finally, we will end with the ‘Mexican Roulette’, which is similar to the American one but also includes another number: the "triple zero."

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Before playing, you must go to the Bank and buy chips. Roulette rules in both virtual and physical platforms. Players all possess a certain number of tokens representing monetary amounts. Therefore, some tokens have more value than others. During the game each player must put their tokens on one or more boxes of the table to bet on numbers. When a player wins, the dealer will give him tokens representing the money he has just won.

Also, be aware that winning values are the same for the French, English and American Roulettes. Mexican roulette has the most unfavourable odds.

The croupier is kind of like the referee of the game: his role is decisive because he is the one spinning the wheel. The amount of money lost by the players goes into his account, this way the dealer can earn a rather significant commission. He is the one directing the different stages of the game. In addition to handling the ball and the wheel, he is also in charge of announcing the different stages of the games as follows:

  • Place your bets.
  • All bets have been made.
  • No more bets.

Note that there are 37 numbers on the board but that casinos transfers typically pay 35:1 odds. Now it’s up to you to imagine the best Roulette strategy!