Poker Rules: How to Play Poker at the Very Basic level and Win

Your first step into a high stake poker game is nerve-wracking and no amount of times you play the emotion remains. For first time players, the fact is for others it will be like taking candy from a baby, so you need to know what you’re doing before tackling the big leagues with your limited knowledge. So let us go through the basic rules of Poker to help you learn the game online where its man vs machine.

The first stages: learning the poker game, knowing the rules and how to play when interacting virtually

At the poker table depending on the number of players but in the case of regular online poker games it’s mainly just you and the computer, each player is dealt a total of two cards. Say you land an Ace and King. Five more cards are dealt and these will be placed upon the table. Your task with these total cards is to make the best hand with 5 cards.

Now here comes the all-important hand rankings so you know the most powerful hands to aim for.

Royal Flush: this hand contains a pattern of the same suite where the cards form as Ace King Queen Jack and a 10.

Straight Flush: similar to the Royal Flush, you will have a matching suite of cards but instead of having a row made of the higher cards, the Straight Flush will be any of the cards between 5-9.

Four of a Kind: Matching four card values so you have each one of the suites.

Full House: Consisting of 3 matching 10’s and two Jacks.

Flush: 5 of the matching suite that includes Ace Queen 10 9 and 8.

Straight: any suite as long as the numbers are in formation from 3 to 7.

Three of a Kind: Three matching numbers.

Two Pair: two matching numbers or values with another pair matching each other.

One Pair: Self-explanatory in that you have a matching pair in value.

High Card: You carry an Ace and you have nothing else

Now you know the Ranking aim for the best Poker hand possible. But there is more to learn than just the ranks

So you win by ranking higher than your opponent, in a one on one situation during a multi-player game the moment is called a showdown when the cards are revealed. An alternative of winning without the need of showing the cards is when one of the players makes an uncalled bet.

There are several betting limits to note in the poker games available.

No limit bets are for the high rollers, the game comes with zero betting limit, you even bet with your car on the pile of chips.

The pot limit will be the one you are going to get more familiar with as this is a limited round and computer poker games are structured so max bets could only be $100 or just as high as $10 depending on the table you play at.

Fixed limit betting retains the structures values regardless of any game development but you’ll rarely discover this inside online casinos.