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Casino games on the Ryanair website?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big news at Ryanair! After the endless nonsense of its CEO, who enjoys posing elegantly on top of his Airbuses and on the sexy calendars of his flight attendants, the low-cost airline is now offering casino games, Poker, Bingo and sports betting on its website. You heard correctly, Ryanair has turned itself into a veritable online gambling operator!

A much-visited website

Taking advantage of a very competitive business interface, Ryanair has just pulled off another of its big bluffs, to which we have been so long accustomed. The website of the impertinent Michael O'Leary is now offering casino games, poker games and also online betting. It should be stated that the Internet platform of Ryanair annually chalks up more than 500 million visitors. While it's possible to book airline tickets at discount prices on the website of this Irish airline company, one can also rent cars, buy gift vouchers, reserve hotel rooms, etc. One can thus do almost anything on it, even play Slots and Blackjack with total impunity.

The expansion strategy of Ryanair, often considered quirky, has often been ridiculed, but the attempt to offer online gambling appears to be entirely serious. Indeed, Internet users who play through the Ryanair website gain the chance to win free plane tickets. This latest move was facilitated by a recent partnership between the airline and the legendary operator There, now everything has been explained!

The signing of a contract with 888 Group

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is a very airy and provoking person. This picture shows it.

Supported by the results of a survey by Business Travel Show, which found that 8% of business travelers like to bet on gambling games during their plane trips, Ryanair decided to go into partnership with the 888 Group, which already offers Poker, Bingo and sports betting on the Internet. In reality, these games are not available on the website of, but on the gaming interface of, which boasts of attracting millions of fans since 1997. The success that Ryanair has enjoyed should enable the 888 Group to increase still further the number of its customers, and vice-versa.

"Ryanair already offers the lowest fares in Europe, and with we are now going to offer the best online games to half a billion visitors of," confided Stephen McNamara, the spokesperson for the Irish low-cost airline.