Sic Bo Strategy

It is tough to figure out your own Sic Bo strategy as we are dealing with a pure game of chance, where nobody can control the odds. It’s chance that controls the course of the game. At Sic Bo, it all depends on the dice. Indeed, the dice are thrown at random and it is therefore impossible to predict what the next numbers are going to be. How can you beat the House at a game when there is no chance to control the numbers that come out? Some say they have invented a sort of miraculous technique. But we advise you to simply be careful with the amount you bet. Never do things in excess and remember to stay rational.

  • Low bet: in case of a “low bet”, you expect the total sum of the draw to be between 4 and 10. You can win quite a significant sum of money.
  • High bet: in case of a “high bet”, you expect the total sum of the draw to be between 11 and 17. The winnings are 1:1; you might take the risk to win less money than for a low bet. Nonetheless, you have more chances to win.

Low and High bets are actually the least risky. Even if they are not really exciting, you know the only time we enjoy a good casino game is when we win, of course. If you want to earn money, don’t hesitate to use these methods.

Betting on one single number can also make you win more money than the average circumstance. The redistribution rate is by the way higher when you play only one number but your winning chances are low. So, try to predict which number between 1 and 6 the dice will show.

There are even more specific types of bets. You can for instance guess that the total sum of the dice will be 11. If this is the case, you can win a lot! But if it is 12, you will probably need to dry your tears.

You can also bet on triples. You will cash in the maximum sum for a specific triple combination. Why’s that? Simply because it is hardly possible that your three numbers will show after one roll. The dice are more likely to show very different numbers. This is another very important thing. You can still adjust your decision in function of the draw. You can predict that two dice will show the same exact figure but underpin that the total of the three dice will be placed between 6 and 12 for example. As you can see, you have multiple betting options.

Anyways, enjoy your game and have fun because die are not known for earning players a fortune, but they are fun!

The following table gives you a look at the diverse payments, combinations and probabilities for Sic Bo.

Bet Payout Combination number House advantage
Small, Big 1:11052.78%
4, 1760:1315.28%
5, 1630:1613.89%
6, 1517:11016.67%
7, 1412:1159.72%
8, 138:12112.50%
9, 126:12518.98%
1, 116:12712.50%
Triple 180:1116.20%
Any triple 30:1613.89%
Double 10:11618.52%
Two dice combination 5:13016.67%
Any number 1-3:
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