3 Card Poker Glossary

Learn all the words and expressions that refer to 3 Card Poker thanks to our unbeatable guide on your favorite game. It is time to make the most of 3 Card Poker! So take your best shot and bring in this Three-of-a-Kind!

All in

An English compound word that refers to the mat in poker. A player who makes a mat bets all of his chips at once.


Two "matching" cards are two cards which have the same color.


Term used to describe the jackpot. The bankroll is the balance that the player is willing to spend on bets during the game.


A British term which translates to miser bet or mise in French. As you already know, a bet is a sum you stake. They are placed on the table in poker.


3 Card Poker and other variations, blinds are obligatory bets. The two players who are situated furthest from the dealer to the left must each place a blind. One pays a small blind and the other a big blind. The second value is twice that of the first.


When you participate in a 3 Card Poker tournament, you must pay an entrance fee. In poker, the English term buy-in, is predominantly used


Follow (suivre) in French. This means that the player places exactly the same amount as the previous bet.

Closed Card

Closed cards are generally distributed from the beginning. They do not belong to the player.

High Card

In the absence of a pair, the player may attempt to gain from a high card. High cards do not form a combination. They are a set of cards without any real value.

Open Card

Open cards are cards that are placed on the playmat. They are viewable and usable by all players.


Parole in French. The player asks to check the cards, after which they will no longer be able to place any more bets.


A free poker tournament in which winners can win rewards.


Se coucher in French. The player yields and agrees to give up his bets.


The best possible combination of three cards that the player can make from his own cards and those set on the table.


All the chips staked during a game, blinds and bets included.


An English term that refers to the total amount of the jackpot which can be won in a tournament.


Relancer in French. It is a bid placed on the table top by a player who does not wish to align with the bets of his opponents.


An English term for the final phase of the game, also called slaughter.


A phase in the Game during which the cards are distributed by the dealer. At this point in the game, players wait for a clear card to be drawn in order to be able to complete their hand.


A game structure widely used in 3 card poker.