Baccarat Glossary

We agree, it takes a while to understand all the terms that are related to baccarat. That is why we have decided to gather the most widespread expressions you are likely to find while playing online baccarat in online casinos. Good luck!

Apartment Bettor

This refers to a gambler who likes to repeat the same bet round after round.

House Advantage

Commissioned percentage that is collected by the casino at the end of a game. A levy is made on all bets made by the player. This percentage generally does not exceed 5 percent.


This is the name of a popular card game, although it is technically the worst possible hand in Baccarat, since it is counted as zero.

Baccarat Bank

“Baccarat Bank” is a European variant of the same game with the distinction that bets are made only on the player’s hand.


This refers to betting on the bank in “Punto Banco.”


In Baccarat, the “Banker” is one of two possible bets. This one involves betting on the banker.


The “bankroll” is the balance, the amount of money the player has available to make his or her bets throughout the game.

Burned Card

Or “Carte Brûlée” in French. This is a unique card that is discarded before the cards are dealt.


Or “Croupier,” or “Dealer.” He (or she) is responsible for dealing the cards and managing the game. He also represents the Bank.


Or “Horse.” An old variation of Baccarat that allows players to play with two hands simultaneously.


This is the representative of the Bank and who deals the cards to the player.

Cut Card

This is a plastic card used to cut the different decks of cards.

Down Card

English translation for “Carte Face Cachée.”


All of the wagers made by each player.


A rule for covering a portion of the total bet.

High Roller

This refers to a player who has a habit of making large bets.


This refers to one of the two types of Baccarat wagers.


The cards dealt to the player and the banker during a round of Baccarat.


A variation of Baccarat involving more or less the same rules but is played on a smaller table.


Used to designate one of the cards from the 10 to the Ace.


“Grande” or “Naturelle” in French. This is a winning hand with a total value of 8 or 9. A “natural hand” is made up of two cards, however.


This is the player’s bet in Punto Banco, a popular variation of Baccarat.

Punto Banco

A popular variation of the game of Baccarat in the United States.


The container in which the decks of cards are held before being dealt.


Option in online casinos which involves a player holding his or her position and refraining from drawing an additional card.


Or “Egalité” in French. The bet does not count because the player and the banker have the same hand.


An “English” term used to describe a five percent commission on winning hands of the banker.


An expression used to describe a “Very Important Player.”

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