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The group Crown Limited awaits a regulation from the British market

The land-based casino group Crown Limited would like to open a game complex in the UK starting next month, but for that it must await a regulation from the British market. Desiring to grow, Crown Limited is exploring different alternatives and so also intends to launch an online casino site in the c ... » Read more

Don Johnson, the man who has been entered in the Backjack Hall of Fame

The Atlantic City casinos certainly have reason to worry. Their woes are always talked about in North America gazettes and the leakage of money they record that sometimes reach record highs. Certain "high rollers" also represent a potential threat to the casinotiers located in this city that is nick ... » Read more

Income Access and Neteller for better affiliate management

Optimal Payments, a leader in the development of alternative payment methods, recently concluded an agreement with the affiliate management network Income Access. There is now a move to unite the competencies of the two groups to enable affiliates to work with greater precision and transparency... » Read more

VueTec Ltd, ever closer to reality

While the vast majority of online casinos use graphics and animation in 3D to appear "realistic", the interfaces of vendors such as VueTec Ltd are opting for an authentic technology that reflects the "actual." In fact, VueTec Ltd is a specialist in live casinos, in online gaming platforms linking th ... » Read more